Professional Education

Continued education is vital to dental professionals, and with the industry evolving at such a rapid rate you need a reliable source of current information. Dental Tutors offers a wide range of professional education modules, which will cover new techniques and treatment options as well as trusted treatments.

Developed by leading experts, our dental education materials are designed to help you develop and stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies. Whether just opening a new practice or looking to streamline an existing one, dentists subscribing to the Dental Tutors courses will increase their understanding of advanced dental concepts that result in dramatically increased case acceptance and practice profitability.

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The bridge program

These courses will cover a range of topics related to dental surgery and surgical treatment options, including the latest developments in the industry, new and exciting techniques to improve recovery and get the best results and interactive tutorials to showcase these techniques.


Restorative Courses

These courses will cover topics relating to restorative dentistry, with a special focus on new technology and the design and implementation of restorative devices. Restorations play a large role in the dental industry, so keeping up with the latest developments and techniques will benefit your business greatly.


More courses coming soon

Orthodontics, the first specialty in dentistry, emphasizes proper occlusion and tooth alignment as well as ideal dental and facial aesthetics. These courses review the need for orthodontic treatment, diagnostic procedures and records, biological factors affecting tooth movement, goals of orthodontic treatment, categories of treatment, popular orthodontic devices and oral hygiene considerations.