Practice Management

Managing a practice is a goliath task that requires attention to detail, strong focus and intimate business knowledge. As a dental practitioner, having access to a resource that will help you manage your practice is invaluable. Dental Tutors provides online guides, interactive tutorials and content rich lessons to help dental practices grow and thrive.

Team Management

Your team is the most important component of your business. They interact with your patients, provide them with information, manage your schedule and act as the driving force behind you.
Practitioners need to make sure their team members are as professional and knowledgeable as they are. Making sure all patients receive an all-round positive experience.

Team Training Modules coming soon

Financial Management

Working as a dentist is challenging enough without the struggle of running a practice . Keeping track of your finances is however vitally important to keeping your businees open. It is imperative that you know exactly what each calculation and projection means to yoru business. With dental Tutors we can help you master your finances with our financial management modules.

Financial Management Modules coming soon

Business Management and leadership

A successful business requires vision, leadership, and skilled personnel to plan, organise and control its development. The modules covered in this section aim to help you run your business as efficiently as possible. It will , include training in a multitude of business principles that will help your practice thrive.